Monday, July 2, 2012

Outstanding Ads

Poor Ads

I think this advertisement is a not very well laid out. What I don't like the most is that the apple guy is facing the wrong direction. Because he is facing left, my eyes are drawn off the page. Also, because there is text in two different corners, it makes it hard to figure out fast who the company is.

I picked this ad as a poor advertisement because I couldn't' figure out what the advertisement meant. Someone that saw this ad made this comment. "That's really creepy. How does that even relate to Pantene?"

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs






Social Conscience Ads

These ads raise social conscience because niether of them are selling a product. Both are explaining a problem in society. The top ad is making people aware of smoking hazards. The bottom ad is making people aware of pollution.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Socially Unacceptable Ads

 I don't think this advertisement is socially acceptable because it isn't respectful and it's crude. 

I don't think this ad is acceptable because I think it's weird that the cologne is for men but the ad is a naked guy.   

Awareness Ad

Action Ad

At the end of this advertisment is says, "Talk to us to see how we can help." It's a call for action.

Noncommercial Ad

Nonproduct Ad

Product Ad

International Ad

National Ad

Regional Ad

This Cubs advertisement is a regional ad because it is targeting people that attend the games in Chicago.  

Local Ad


I think think this advertisement uses puffery because it is super exaggerated. Unless Snapple looked up every single green tea in the world and measured the EGCG, this statement can't really be proven true. 

Comparative Ad

This ad compares Burger King to McDonalds. The message this ad is trying to portray is that Burger King is better than McDonalds because even Ronald McDonald buys his food from Burger King. In my personal opinion, I do not think this comparison is truthful.  

Agricultural Ad

Agricultural ads promote products and services used in agriculture aimed at farm families and to individuals employed in agribusiness.

Professional Ad

Professional advertising is aimed at teachers, accountants, doctors, dentists, architects, engineers, lawyers and typically appear in official publications of professional societies. The example above is a dentist tool advertised to dentists.

Trade Ad

Companies aim at resellers to obtain greater distribution of products. This company is advertising their packaging to companies that need labels for their product.